Daily Archives: February 5, 2016

Found Photos of What "Dad Brought Home for Dinner"

When I wrote the introduction to our website, I said that I didn’t recognize that eating wild fish and game as so special, I meant to say that it seemed simply, well, ordinary.  Hunting, cooking, and eating wild food are some of the most vivid memories of my childhood. Here is the introduction to our web page:

“The Jackalope Grill is dedicated to old-fashioned warmth and affordability while delivering superior food and service. Chef Tim was born and raised on the Washington coast. “Wild fish and game wasn’t so special back then—it was what Dad brought home for dinner.” … “Culinary school offers every student the same training but mine has given form to memories of my Grandmother’s kitchen and the smells of French country villages on Sunday morning.”

Recently, I opened a box of old photos sent to me shortly before the death of my mother several years ago. I found these photos of “what dad brought home:”

Don_Deer_48Ford Donald_Jim_salmon


That’s my father, Donald, with a good size buck deer on the hood of his prized 1948 Ford and he’s on the left in the second photo. My uncle Jim is in the middle. Looks like a nice mess of silver salmon to me. It was just part of growing up in the Northwest. Good work Donald!