About Us

The Jackalope Grill is dedicated to old-fashioned warmth and affordability while delivering superior food and service. Chef Tim was born and raised on the Washington coast. “Wild fish and game wasn’t so special back then—it was what Dad brought home for dinner.” (That's Tim's Dad in 1947 "foraging" successfully.) A winding trail and serendipity brought Tim to one of France’s best culinary schools. “Culinary school offers every student the same training but mine has given form to memories of my Grandmother’s kitchen and the smells of French country villages on Sunday morning.” Co-owner Kathy Garling oversees the front of the house, applying a wealth of culinary expertise and curates the wine list featuring extensive Northwest selections.

We make a concerted effort to feature sustainably produced, fresh, local and organic products. We source predominantly from family owned and operated businesses. The bread for your table comes from Sparrow Bakery located close by.  Liz, at Bend’s Agricultural Connections, hooks us up with locally foraged edibles. Our coffee comes from Bend’s Strictly Organic Coffee Company.  The 30,000 acre Imperial Stock Ranch, established in 1871, located near Shaniko in central Oregon supplies our grass fed lamb.  Pork comes from Carlton Farms in Carlton, Oregon and from Hill Meat Company in Pendleton. Our beef is supplied by Eugene, Oregon based Childer’s Meat Company’s Double C Ranch. During the summer our salmon comes from ancestral fishing grounds on the Columbia River harvested one-by-one with a dip-net by a member of the Warm Springs Tribe. During the winter, our organic King Salmon is sustainably raised by a founding member of the Pacific Organic Seafood Association in Clayoquot Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island. (Check out their impressive story at creativesalmon.com.)