January 27-- Seventh Annual All Oyster Dinner

For the seventh year in a row, I am presenting my All Oyster Dinner on Wednesday, January 27. I’ve moved the date for this year’s dinner up a month with an eye to higher fat levels in the oysters just before they hibernate for the winter with the cooling water temperatures.

The year’s menu will start with a play on a French classic, “Oeufs en gelée” and my dish could possibly be called “Huître en gelee.”  An Asian-style oyster soup with coconut milk, glass noodles and spinach will follow. Then we’ll serve a half dozen freshly shucked beauties: (Kumamotos, Shigokus, or Kusshis) — I’m working on some cool accouterments. The next course is “Surf and Turf” and it will put both oyster and foie gras sausages front and center. To finish the dinner we’ll have the customary chef’s surprise for dessert.  Growing up on the coast of Washington State, oysters were always a special treat. Every year I try to make the best oyster dishes that I can imagine.

The price for the meal is $55 and Kathy has agreed to a half-price deal on the corkage. The date is Wednesday, January 27 going off at 6:00. Here is a link to the menu. We’d love to see you here.