Wednesday, February 6, Tenth Annual All Oyster Dinner 

My daughter, Eliotte, is quite an oyster aficionado and, of course, so am I. To indulge us both, I ordered an assortment of fresh oysters to celebrate her holiday homecoming. In the process I discovered the Luna Bella from Washington's Hood Canal. We were able to compare the Shigoku, Kumamoto, Pickering Passage and the Bella Luna. I was struck by the differences in salinity, texture and taste. After all, there are only a few different types of oysters but, like Pinot Noir grapes, where they are grown (the terroir) greatly influences the flavor. Obviously, the taste of a Napa Valley Pinot is going to be quite different from one from the Willamette Valley!  And a  Crassostrea gigas (Pacific oyster) grown in Willapa Bay will taste slightly salty, sweetly cucumber, and delicate whereas the same C. gigas grown further from the coast in a different environment will not taste the same. I've been thinking about the All-Oyster Dinner menu for quite some time and it's posted here.  I'm sure that you'll enjoy it! (In the case that your dining companion doesn't prefer oysters, we will cook alternate dinner for them but it must be pre-ordered.) To make  reservations for this event please call the restaurant (541-318-8435) or use the Resy app on our web page .  Thank you.

Women Tasting Wine Seminars:

Women Tasting Wine Seminars Have Been Discontinued Indefinitely 


Join WTW for a sensual and educational afternoon of wine, food and friends.Link to Women Tasting Wine webpage Formed in 2005, Women Tasting Wine is all about women connecting with wine and with one another. How many wine tastings have you attended where the men evaluated the wines with serious determination while the women, anxious to talk about and share their thoughts on the wines, remained nearly silent?  Hence, the birth of Women Tasting Wine. WTW is all about women connecting with wine and with one another. We are guided through each month’s selection of wines by various wine expert guests, and the wines are paired with appropriate food samples. The atmosphere is relaxed, casual, “women oriented” and just plain fun. Women come away with not only a better knowledge of the wines, but with a growing connection of friends.

In the decade we've hosted this event, the attendance has at least doubled and it is gratifying to see so many people enjoying themselves. This event has delivered so much joy to so many women. As promised (over and over, by the way) I have actually made recent progress on a best of... cookbook reprising some of the favorite recipes I've come up with over the years for this event. For those desiring an electronic copy, we'll be asking for email address.