Monday, December 17: Women Tasting Wine Seminar

"Sparkling Wines"

On Monday, December 19, Women Tasting Wine will feature "Sparkling Wines" presented by Lance Steffen of Casa Bruno Wines. Champagne is sparkling wine that is produced in the Champagne region of France, and can only be made using Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. The style of winemaking which produces sparkling wine is practiced all over the world. Each country is home to a distinct version with different emphasis on fuitiness, bubble size and methods.


Join WTW for a sensual and educational afternoon of wine, food and friends.Link to Women Tasting Wine webpage Formed in 2005, Women Tasting Wine is all about women connecting with wine and with one another. How many wine tastings have you attended where the men evaluated the wines with serious determination while the women, anxious to talk about and share their thoughts on the wines, remained nearly silent?  Hence, the birth of Women Tasting Wine. WTW is all about women connecting with wine and with one another. We are guided through each month’s selection of wines by various wine expert guests, and the wines are paired with appropriate food samples. The atmosphere is relaxed, casual, “women oriented” and just plain fun. Women come away with not only a better knowledge of the wines, but with a growing connection of friends.

This month's Women Tasting Wine may well be the last. So if you've been thinking of attending of Diane Sienko's seminars, time is getting short.  In the decade we've hosted this event, the attendance has at least doubled and it is gratifying to see so many people enjoying themselves. This event has delivered so much joy to so many women. As promised (over and over, by the way) I have actually made recent progress on a best of... cookbook reprising some of the favorite recipes I've come up with over the years for this event. For those desiring an electronic copy, we'll be asking for email address.


December 24th and 31st:  Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve

Alert! We are almost fully reserved for both Christmas and New Year's Eve dinners! There are a few of the best times left but they won't last long. As in years past, we'll have most of our regular menus available but the specials will likely include lobster or king crab (possibly with a beef tenderloin), elk medallions and big, succulent sea scallops. Also I'm researching some vegetarian options. In short, there'll be something for almost every member of your family. Call the restaurant (541-318-8435) or use the Resy app on our web page to make reservations.