Green Garlic

Green garlic results when the garlic plant is pulled from the ground before bulbs form and when it resembles a leek. To me, green garlic is the first reliable harbinger of Spring. It used to be asparagus but now asparagus is readily available year round, rhubarb is a bit more reliable but has largely suffered the same fate. My dad used to make green garlic soup from our garden as a springtime tonic for all the winter’s ills.  

The taste is surely garlic but in a subtle way and the green version has a distinctly nutty flavor as well. Next week I’ll be making a green garlic soup because after what all of us have been through this last year, we surely could use a tonic. I’ll be writing the recipe as soon as I figure it out. In my mind, I see Potage Parmentier scented with green garlic and I also see a recipe from Paul Bertolli’s 1988 cookbook, Chez Panisse Cooking (with Alice Waters). As usual, I’ll eyeball the measurements as I proceed and when I get it figured out and tasting great, I’ll post the recipe.