Jackalope Grill brings funky name, Parisian-trained chef to downtown Bend

After attending culinary school in Paris and working 20 years as a top chef at Alta, Utah's most-dear ski resort, chef Tim Garling decided it was time to relocate. He wound up opening Jackalope Grill in an old strip mall on the south side of Bend.
It wasn't the best situation, but he got by with his business and by teaching in the culinary program at Bend High School. He knew, however, that to really get the attention he deserved, he needed to move.
Somewhere, anywhere, out of that strip mall.
It finally happened after he survived the worst of the recent recession. Now, he lives and works in downtown Bend, only the push of an elevator button apart. His interestingly named restaurant is located at 750 N.W. Lava Road, in an upscale development on the northeast side of downtown that also counts the Visit Bend office and the city's Oxford Suites Hotel as its tenants Garling features fresh local cuisine, a cliche these days, but he's been cooking that way for a quarter century. You can stop by and get a drink in the bar, if you just want to peruse the menu and torture your mouth that won't stop watering.
By the way, Garling does not serve jackalope in his restaurant. He still hasn't located one of those mythical creatures of the West, a cross between a jackrabbit and pronghorn antelope.